Film Photography2


Several photographs I took over the summer.

Used my minolta x300 and lomography 200 film.


Film photography

Film Photography

La Sardina, Pentax k 1000, Minolta x-300

Photography Embroidery

Photography Embroidery

Photography Embroidery, Mixed Media, 2017

Flowers are repeatedly found in my artworks.

I like the idea of embroidering flowers on photographs because the embroidered photographs are not 2d objects any more. Photographs are reshaped as 3d objects as  they are embroidered so we are able to experience photographs withs our hands.

Instant Impressionism

Instant Impressionism



The project was inspired by Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series.

While Monet provided a series of different impressions of the cathedral over a few years, we can currently give different impressions of an object in a second by editing in the post-production.  As we all can express diverse aspects of an object instantly, the boundary between artists and audience collapses. Then, the audience who used to be impressed by paintings of impressionists could be in the position of impressionists.